Entry Number Title Category Material
AO1273 Chelmis: Oven interior in Unit #6913 - consisting of a semicircular opening in west face, domed corbelled interior with tile, and a sheet metal roof with rocks on top (2015) Archaeological site: architecture digital image
AO1272 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Map of Villages in Sphakia, 1900 research zone map digital image
AO1271 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Project Senior Members (from left to right): Jennifer Moody, Oliver Rackham (in tree, d. 2015), Simon Price (d. 2011) and Lucia Nixon (1998) group photograph digital image
AO1270 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Potter's Disc Fragment from Scatter 6 from Ag. Marina (8.78) (1999) Archaeological find digital image
AO1269 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Ag. Marina Minoan Site; view of Scatter 8 (8.78) (1990) survey finds - lithic scatters digital image
AO1268 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Ag. Marina area; the brown line in the sea is fresh water (1999) Landscape digital image
AO1267 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Villages of Patsianos and Kapsodhasos with Frangokastello Plain in the foreground (1999) Landscape digital image
AO1266 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Ventian Fort of Frangokastello (8.32) (1982) Archaeological site: architecture digital image
AO1265 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Venetian Chapel of Ag. Niketas, built over a Late Roman Basilica with Mosaic (8.50) (2000) Archaeological site: architecture digital image
AO1264 Sphakia, Crete (Greece): Thyme (useful for honey) growing near chapel of Ag. Ioannis Vokolos (8.48) (1990) environmental research in research zone digital image