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Two cloister skeletons at the Cistercian Monastery from the Zaraka Excavations (Peloponnesos). The skeletons were unexpectedly found along the outside of the external supporting wall. ONe was of a short man, with no sign of a skull. The large piece of worked stone neat where the head would have been indicated a very shallow grave, though it is not clear if the stone is meant to be in place of a head. Nor is there any sign of violence to the remaining vertebrae to suggest the head had been cut off. One meter north, closer to the wall, there was a skeleton of an infant who was probably less than 10 months of age, since neither the sternum was fused nor the vertebral bodies with their spinous and transverse processes. There was a substantial amount of ash and pieces of charcoal surrounding the skeleton, lesser amounts near the other skeleton. No evidence of harring on the bones. The only dating evidence located with these bodies with the bodies consisted of two bronze buttons, found approximately half a meter to the south of the man's skeleton. Similar buttons in Corinth have been dated to a 15th century context, however they are not a reliable dating source as they were found 0.75 m away. Pl. 15 from Echos Du Monde Classique-Classical Views 41 ns 16, n. 1 1997 - Sheila Campbell.

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