Name Title Affiliation Area of Expertise
Aca Djordjevic National Museum - Belgrade object drawing and/or photography
Aglaia Archontidou Dr. Museum of the City of Athens / Vouros-Eftaxias Foundation, Hellenic Ministry of Culture Classical Archaeology
Alan Johnston Dr. Institute of Archaeology, University College London Classical ceramics, Hellenistic ceramics, Greek Pottery and Epigraphy, Greek Archaeology of the Archaic Period
Alessandro Quercia Dr. School of Archaeology, University of Leicester, Superintendency of Archaeological Heritage of Piemonte and Museum of Egyptian Antiquities Classical ceramics, Punic Coarse and Painted Wares from the Sanctuary of Tas-Silġ (Malta), Loom Weights and Cross-Cultural Networks in the Ancient Mediterranean
Alexandra Charami Dr. GSC: 9th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities
Alexandra Edwards Indiana University database management
Alexandra Livarda Dr. Department of Archaeology, University of Nottingham Archaeobotany
Alexis Young Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University Jewelry
Aleydis Van de Moortel Prof. Department of Classics, University of Tennessee Knoxville Rise and Decline of Complex Societies, aegean prehistory, Minoan pottery, Cultural Interconnection in the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean, Ancient and Medieval Ship Construction
Amanda Kelly Dr. School of Classics, University College Dublin Greek and Roman Art and Architecture, Hellenistic ceramics, Late Roman ceramics, Byzantine ceramics, Roman Aqueducts and Bathhouses