Name Title Affiliation Area of Expertise
Dana Yoerger Dr. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution applied ocean physics and engineering, Remotely Operated and Autonomous Vehicles, robotics
Danica Mihailovic Ms. Independent Researcher, Serbia Chipped stone tool analysis
Daniel Alexander Contreras Dr. IMBE/GREQAM, Aix-Marseille Université environmental archaeology, Geomorphology, Geographical Information Systems, geoarchaeology, stratigraphical analysis, chronometric dating techniques, Field Director
Daniel J. Pullen Prof. Department of Classics, Florida State University Survey archaeology, Survey data analysis, Bronze Age ceramics, Prehistoric Aegean Archaeology (especially the Early Bronze Age), Landscape Archaeology, Complex Societies, Greek Archaeology, Egyptian and Near Eastern Archaeology
Dante Bartoli Dr. ProMare, Inc. nautical archaeological research, Graeco-Roman World in the Mediterranean, Greek Colonization in the West, Greek and Roman Seafaring, Marble and Stone Trade in Antiquity
David "Ben" P. Marsh Prof. Department of Geography, Bucknell University physical geography, Aegean landscape and archaeology, Geomorphology, Cartography, geoarchaeology, GIS and Spatial Statistics, Human Impact on the Environment, Environment and Society, Environmental Perception
David Jordan Dr. Canadian Institute in Greece Curse tablets/inscriptions
David Kerr
David S. Reese Dr. Field Museum of Natural History Faunal Research
David W. Rupp Prof. Canadian Institute in Greece , Department of Classics, Brock University ARCHITECTURE, Survey archaeology, Survey data analysis